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Damages to your house or company become our primary focus and duty. We make the insurance claim procedure simple and effective, ensuring that you receive the maximum reimbursement for your claim.


Among property owners, water intrusion is the most prevalent type of loss they have to deal with. Plumbing leaks and breaks are the most common source of water incursion in a property. Water damage may be difficult to detect and assess because it occurs underground and behind walls, making it difficult for insurance and adjusters to find and assess. The most common type of water incursion occurs as a result of plumbing leaks and breakdowns, which are quite common. Water damage may be difficult to detect and assess since it occurs underground and behind walls, making it difficult for insureds and even many adjusters to notice and assess. For this reason, Elevate Claim Adjusters has received specialized training to reliably detect all covered damages, including but not limited to:

  • Swelling
  • Peeling
  • Stains Caused by Water
  • Buckling/Tenting

A fire can be started in a variety of ways. Following ignition, the fire will burn through anything in its path, which may include your house or place of work. Recovering after such a huge loss is an exhausting endeavor that requires effort on all levels: physically, emotionally, and mentally. Someone else will be there to help you get through it.

Elevate Claim Adjusters prioritizes your well-being and safety above anything else. In the event of a fire, the structural structure of the building may be compromised, placing you and your family at risk. Because we conduct a rapid and complete inspection, we can accurately account for all damages, including those that are inconspicuous or difficult to detect. When it comes to creating a secure atmosphere for you and your family, precision is essential. For the reason that fire damage is one of the most severe sorts of claims, we extensively inspect it for the following things:  Damage to the Structure, Circuitry in Electrical Systems, System of Air Conditioning (A/C), Walls, ceiling, and roof construction, And Much More…

Hurricanes may cause chaos across a large area, sometimes spanning as far as the storm itself. Just as it is difficult to estimate the intensity of a storm, it is also difficult to forecast the extent of your damages. Fortunately, Elevate Claim Adjusters can provide an accurate assessment of your losses during a storm.

We provide a full storm claims evaluation that involves a thorough examination of your insurance policy coverage as well as a thorough examination of any damages, whether visible or not. Extreme weather does not necessarily necessitate the infliction of severe stress. Together, we will list any damages associated with water infiltration, flood, and wind damage in order to guarantee that you are receiving enough reimbursement for your losses and that your insurance coverage is being utilized to its full potential.

Mold is a typical occurrence in houses. A variety of molds may grow in your house, some of which are poisonous and dangerous to your health, while others are non-toxic and harmless. When it arises, it is critical to handle it as soon as possible. Mold, being a living creature, has the ability to multiply and spread, causing harm to both the property and the health of those who are exposed to it.

Mold is frequently the consequence of water damage, which presents a chance to broaden the coverage of your insurance policy. Claiming damage for both water and mold increases the likelihood of receiving a substantial settlement. Insurance companies gain from having a thorough grasp of the limitations of mold coverage within your policy, which they pass on to you. Elevate Claim Adjusters employs personnel that are certified as mold assessors and remediators, and they can advise you on the specific kind of repairs that will be required.

Vandalism has the potential to destroy our property as well as our capacity to feel safe in our community. Many times, vandalism occurs when you are away from home or work for an extended length of time, or even while you are in the seeming protection of your own residence or place of business. Some damages, such as graffiti and renters who operate illicit marijuana-growing businesses, are more visible than others, while some are more difficult to detect.

Rental and commercial properties are more commonly damaged and mistreated than other types of properties. From graffiti to tenants who house marijuana-growing businesses, some damage might be more visible than others, depending on the situation.​
The coverage restrictions and limits in your policy will be extensively reviewed by us to guarantee that your claim is correctly submitted, that all deadlines are met, and that your recovery potential is maximized. Elevate Claim Adjusters will create an estimate of your losses, which will include the following items: Damages that are a result of the underlying cause, Rental income is being lost, Damage to the physical body, And Much More…

 It is normal to feel vulnerable and uncomfortable in your own home after a theft; but, going through the claims procedure should not be. However, regrettably, it occurs far too frequently. Elevate Claim Adjusters may relieve you of this burden by doing extensive inventory and policy evaluations prior to submitting a claim to the insurance company.

In order to reduce your stress, Elevate Claim Adjusters will conduct a complete policy review and prepare a full inventory of the products that have been stolen. inspection and do policy analysis In the case of theft, coverage exclusions and restrictions can be complicated, and in certain situations, extensive investigation into the current market worth of stolen objects, as well as the values of items that are no longer marketed or ascertainable, may be required. In this case, the prospect of retaining specialist appraisers is considered.

We will analyze not just your homeowner’s policy, but also your personal items policy and any other insurance policies that may be applicable in order to ensure that your coverage is maximized and that your claim is processed as quickly as possible.