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Vandalism has the potential to destroy our property as well as our capacity to feel safe in our community. Many times, vandalism occurs when you are away from home or work for an extended length of time, or even while you are in the seeming protection of your own residence or place of business. Some damages, such as graffiti and renters who operate illicit marijuana-growing businesses, are more visible than others, while some are more difficult to detect.

Rental and commercial properties are more commonly damaged and mistreated than other types of properties. From graffiti to tenants who house marijuana-growing businesses, some damage might be more visible than others, depending on the situation.​

The coverage restrictions and limits in your policy will be extensively reviewed by us to guarantee that your claim is correctly submitted, that all deadlines are met, and that your recovery potential is maximized. Elevate Claim Adjusters will create an estimate of your losses, which will include the following items:

  • Damages that are a result of the underlying cause
  • Rental income is being lost
  • Damage to the physical body
  • And Much More…

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